FAQs for Gingezel

1)Do you have a bricks and mortar store in Lethbridge (or anywhere)?

No. Gingezel creates designs, art, and writing. These are licensed to print on demand sites and are only available from them. Occasionally one of these sites will place products in a store or a chain of stores. We might show up in a bricks and mortar store then.

2) Does Gingezel™ manufacture its own products?

No. At Gingezel we focus on creative design and writing, and leave manufacture and delivery to our fulfillment providers. They are the specialists at that. Gingezel is powered by ArtsAdd, ArtofWhere, Print all Over Me, Roostery, Society6, Spoonflower, Sprout Patterns, Zazzle, and CreateSpace.

What is your privacy policy?
Gingezel™ does not collect personal information about the users of its sites, or use tracking cookies. We just collect general traffic stats. Please see our privacy page.
All financial and purchase transactions are handled by the various print on demand sites and are subject to their privacy policies.

4) Affiliate Marketing
Gingezel™ participates in the affiliate marketing programs of Zazzle, iBooks, and Amazon. That means that if you buy a product through a click through from this site we will get a referral fee above the royalty we get from the license of our design.

Gingezel™ does not have or pay affiliate marketers through a program of its own.

The fulfillment providers Zazzle, iBooks, Society 6 and Amazon have affiliate marketing programs. That means you will see Gingezel designs promoted for a percentage of the sale price on a variety of sites affiliated these companies. This ranges from major sales sites to small bloggers. Gingezel™ is in no way responsible for these or their opinions.

We want you to be completely happy with a product that has a Gingezel design, and we have tried to make sure that the manufacturers that we power Gingezel with feel the same way! We test some (but not all) products at each print on demand site that we keep our designs at.