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Over 1300 designs in over 70 collections ~ and it is growing!

A sundress made from dark orange geometric fabric in the Gingezel Summer Heat Collection.
The sun dress above has a terra cotta colored geometric from the Cozy Collection done in a warm light. Below is a photo of the actual swatch.
Tan Mexican Style Geometric printed on quilting cotton.<br />Tan Mexican Style Geometric printed on quilting cotton.From the Gingezel Fabric Cozy Collection<br />
Stack of fabric Peach Apricot Mango Collection from Gingezel™ Fabric
The soft luscious apricot shades above are from the Peach Apricot Mango Collection.
Pool Stone Wall wallpaper by Gingezel. Room picture compliments of Spoonflower.
We have used the softly shaded stone design shown as wallpaper above to update some wall units using the peel and stick wallpaper- gorgeous. This is from the Ocean Villa Pool collection. Below is another faux stone, this time from the Ocean Villa Terrace Collection.
Terrace Wall 4 Fabric by Gingezel features a broken stone faux look. Photo by Donald S. Hall.
Lily Pad Abstract 1 fabric from the Gingezel Blue Green Reflections Collection by Gingezel
A fractal was used to get the glowing shades in the blue green geometric above.
Gingezel Hardwood Hill Decor Collection showing livingroom
The simulated living room above of a variety of products available from art to mugs from the Hardwood Hill Collection was designed for a print media promotion. Many of the designs are available at Spoonflower, the rest at other print on demand places we are at.
The colors of autumn are captured in this fractal fabric by Gingezel
The colors of autumn are captured in the fractal fabric above by Gingezel from the Garden Window Abstracts Collection.
Plum Techie fabric from Gingezel™ Fabric
Taking a break from warm tones, the techie geometric above is from the Perfect in Plum Collection.
Dress in the Gingezel Orange Tones Country Style Floral.
A classic rusty brown floral from the Cozy Collection is shown on an elbow length sleeve dress giving a style that would dress up or down. A similar floral in brown is swatched below.
Brown Tones Country Style Floral design is a traditional and charming small scale design in orange and green on dark brown with a half drop repeat. Printed on quilting weight cotton.
Continuing the classic florals, the light gray on mid gray floral photographed below is elegant. From the Gray Zones Collection
Traditional gray floral fabric from the Gingezel Grey Zones collection
Do you like a feminine/masculine contrast? Think about a blouse with the floral above and one of the stripes or geometrics below. Or for decor, a floral curtain and upholstery in any of the gray designs below.
Stack of fabric from the Gingezel Grey Zones Collection
Every effort has been made to accurately show the designs, but monitors vary and each fabric prints differently. Please consider swatching.

Gingezel fine art, designer fashion, accessories, and decorator decor are created in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. All designs are © Gingezel™ Inc. Gingezel™ designs and art are available worldwide through our fulfillment providers.