Part 1: Sandy Beige
Designer fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap by Judi Suni Hall for Gingezel.

Inspired by the amazing subtle variations on sand, as relaxing as a long walk on the beach, bringing soft nature into your decor. This is also an easy to wear set of designs.

Sandy Beige designs for fabric, decor, gift wrap by Gingezel
Beige and Blue Tiles fabric from Gingezel on silk cotton blen
Beige and Blue Tiles on silk cotton blend from Spoonflower. Please note this will print darker on some fabrics.
Beige and Blue Tiles decorator wallpaper from Gingezel. Photograph by Donald S Hall.
Beige and Blue Tiles decorator wallpaper from Gingezel provides an elegant faux tile effect of soft shades for large or small areas in your DIY decor.
Beach on Tropical Island for Gingezel beige lookbook
Now, this is a nice looking beach to walk on and just relax. DAZ simulation.

Shadow Squares fabric from The Beige Standard by Gingezel Fabrics
Beige Shadow Squares design printed on Cotton. The Beige Shadow Squares takes a sophisticated mathematical pattern and shades it with subtle shadows to create the effect of squares. The result is a subtle geometric pattern equally suited to fashion or decor. Please note as you will see by the photos below this is a very soft beige and how yellow it looks really depends on the light. And in the silk blend photo, the reflections drove us crazy.
Beige Shadow Squares printed on Cotton Silk Blend from Gingezel™ Fabric
Beige squares Roostery placemats by gingezel
This Beige Shadow Squares design on Roostery placemats is simply elegant for dining. Available as wallpaper and fabric at Spoonflower, and on decor products at Roostery.

Interior design ideas for a beige bedroom with sitting space. Image created in DAZ 3D.
This is one of my first tries at a room simulation, and it shows. But the colors are from the Beige Standard collection, and I'm rather proud of it for a first try, so it is staying in. The fabric pattern and wallpaper shown are all from Gingezel. Note the wallpaper runs up onto the sloped ceiling. The treatment of the columns separating the window looks like ceramic tile but is actually self adhesive wallpaper.
interior design beige chair in beige room Gingezel. Image created in DAZ 3D.
This chair is covered in the Sand Flowers in Beige small print. The faux suede would be ideal for this. The wallpaper is in the Sculpted Beige Stripe design from Gingezel wallpaper. The art is Ice Fractal Flower by Judi Suni Hall.
Sand flower chair Gingezel atRoostery
if you live in the USA, you can buy a chair with the Sand Flower design at Roostery. If not, their other products including pillows and placemats ship worldwide.

Old Fashioned Floral Print in Beige from Gingezel Fabrics
Sandflowers is a traditional tone on tone beige floral print that works well in either size, and is a gorgeous wallpaper!
Sand Flowers Print in Beige Large Gingezel designer wallpaper available at Spoonflower. Room picture compliments of Spoonflower.
Beige Standard Circles Fabric from Gingezel
Beige Standard Circles by Gingezel. Shaded and sculpted concentric circles provide a beige and brown geometric. It is good for fashion, and interesting for decor as you can see in the wallpaper room below.
Beige Standard Circles Gingezel designer wallpaper available at Spoonflower provides a subtle textured effect with the touching circles making a tiled lattice. Room picture compliments of Spoonflower.
Edgy circles in beige fabric from Gingezel Fabrics
Edgy Circles in Beige design by Gingezel Fabric. Putting an edge effect on this grid of beige circles gives them a contemporary touch.The resulting tone on tone fabric is especially well suited to decor,
Beige and Sand Twigs Fabric from the Gingezel Beige Standard Collection
Beige and Sand Twigs
Beige Tiles fabric from the Gingezel Beige Standard Collection
Beige Tiles printed on quilting cotton. Sometimes simple texture is all you are looking for.
Beige Floating Ovals Fabric from Gingezel™ Fabric
The beige floating ovals printed with a noticeable color shift on cotton, so please swatch
Sculpted beige stripe fabric from Gingezel Fabrics The Beige Standard collection
Sculpted Beige Stripe is a modern variant on a stripe with an architectural mood.
Broad Stripe fabric in Beige on Beige from Gingezel Fabrics
Broad Stripe in Beige on Beige