Bedding made with Gingezel Fabric

Please note that the printer Spoonflower has a disclaimer on bedding use. “Like most textiles, Spoonflower fabric will burn if exposed to flame or direct heat. Our fabrics have not been treated with fire retardant chemicals and are for this reason not suitable for use in children's sleepwear or bedding.” As an individual with severe chemical hypersensitivity I (Judi) personally appreciate the availability of non-treated fabric for bedding, but in most circumstances their disclaimer is correct. Please check if fire retardant is legally required for bedding in your country.

Cotton Sateen Pillow case made from Gingezel Garden Window Fabric
Cornflowers and Pinks Abstract fabric from the Garden Window collection printed on organic cotton sateen for these pillow cases.

gingezel fabric bedroom
Ocean Villa Beach Stripe on organic cotton sateen used for pillow cases.

Blue Pillow cases made with fabric from the Gingezel Urbane Grids collection
Urbane Grids Very Geometric in Blue on organic cotton sateen used for pillow cases