The Beige Standard Collection Look Book
Designer fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap by Judi Suni Hall for Gingezel.

In many areas there is the gold standard for excellence. Surely in fashion and interior decor, it is the beige standard. Beige is the staple color used over and over. So it demands excellence in design to provide patterns that are both subtle and interesting. In the expansion of this collection that is underway I have split the collection into 5 parts: Sandy Beige, Dawn Sand, A Touch of Blush, Mix in Camel, and Add Cream.
 Gingezel The Beige Standard lookbook cover image.
Here's a better look at the gorgeous patio in the cover image above:
Stone Patio Decor in shades of beige, blue and green by Gingezel
This patio is a mood piece for the collection. The quiet shades of beige work with the stone and beautiful wood inlay, and are accented with blue and green.
Stack of assorted beige fabric from The Beige Standard Collection at Gingezel.
A way to make beige more interesting without adding a color accent is to combine a range of shades from slightly pink to neutral sand tones to warm golden beige to almost taupe as in the above stack of fabric.
Beige floral skirt ensemble with fabric from The Beige Standard Collection by Gingezel
Our digital model Anita is out shopping wearing a skirt in the Serene Beige Flowers small fabric, a scarf in the Beige Octagon Stripe fabric, and a contrasting shirt of the Blue Geometric Crisscross fabric.
Fabric from the Gingezel Beige Standard Collection
This stack of coordinated beige designer fabric mixes tone on tone beige geometrics with blue accents and one bold floral.

Fabric from the Gingezel Beige Standard Collection
This stack of coordinated beige decorator fabric in sand tones from Gingezel has a bold contemporary sculpted stripe as the focal design paired with subtle tone on tone beige geometrics. These designs as wallpaper give an elegant decor.

The Beige Standard Fashion Collection by Gingezel. Product images courtesy of Zazzle.
This staging piece again sets the mood for the Beige Standard collection. The various accessories shown are mostly from our Zazzle store.

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Each fabric prints differently, as do the wallpaper, wall decals, and gift wrap. Please consider the inexpensive swatching service at Spoonflower.