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Perfect in Plum Revisited

We have released a new group of designs in the Gingezel Perfect In Plum Collection. These are in slightly softer shades with a moonlight silver introduced.

Third stack of coordinating fabric from the Gingezel Perfect in Plum Fabric collection. Read More...

Fruit Tones and Snow

The light is good again, this time in the arctic high that followed a major winter storm. At noon we finished the photography for the Gingezel Peach Apricot Mango Collection. I knew those shades glowed in the summer, but they look just as good in the cold light and make me think of lush warm weather. I can imagine working on a quilt in these shades with the snow outside the window, but quilting is way outside my sewing skills - I admire those artists immensely.

Best wishes for this New Year to you and yours!
Second stack of fabric Peach Apricot Mango Collection from Gingezelâ„¢ Fabric

Peach Apricot Mango Wavy Stripe from Gingezelâ„¢ Fabric