Little Black and White Dress

There are some really great summer dresses out there in black and white, including polka dots. So I couldn't resist seeing how the Gingezel Black and White Half Diamond fabric would look. So I went into DAZ 3D, and put it on the model Vi I created. Personally, I think the diamonds and stripes give it a little extra, but then I'm prejudiced. :-)

Fashion idea for Gingezel Black Plus fabric. Vi in a little black dress. Simulation created in DAZ 3D

Gingezel Runway

I have discovered another fascinating thing to do with my fabric designs, explore how they look on photorealistic 3D models. It gives me a better idea of what can be done with the designs.
Tammy wearing a full length dress in the pattern Blue Digital Mosaic from Gingezel Fabric. Image created in DAZ Read More...